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Testing events can be dificult because c# requires that only the declaring class can invoke the method. I found a way around this problem for both abstract/interfaced and defined events. The trickery can be invoked via an EventAccess object.

Useful Functions


Fires the event which is accessed. If an event named MyEvent is accessed, then calling Fire() is equivalent to calling MyEvent().


public class Connection
  public event Action ConnectionLost;
  public event Func<int, bool> DataSent;

  public bool Connected { get; set; }
  public int TotalBytesSent { get; set; }

  public Connection()
    ConnectionLost += () => { Connected = false; };

    DataSent += (numBytes) => { TotalBytesSent += numBytes; return false; };

public class ConnectionTest
  public void ConnectionLostTest()
    var conn = ProxyManager.CreateProxy<Connection>();

    conn.Connected = true;

    var lostEventAccess = ProxyManager.GetEventAction(conn, "ConnectionLost");

    Assert.IsFalse(conn.Connected, "connected");

    var dataSentConfig = ProxyManager.GetEventFunc<int, bool>(conn, "DataSent");

    Assert.AreEqual(20, conn.TotalBytesSent, "TotalBytesSent");

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