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Copyright (c) Ryan Bean,, 2009

Let 'this disclaimer' be defined as this text within this 'disclaimer'.

Let 'BeanProxy' be defined as all data, ASCII or binary or otherwise, found in any file that was packaged with the BeanProxy source code, which includes this file.

Let 'you' be the individual or organization accessing or otherwise using BeanProxy.

I, Ryan Bean, am the author and owner of the original version of BeanProxy.
  1. I am providing BeanProxy free of charge, even for commercial use (including resale).
  2. There is no requirement to release any of your source code.
  3. You are free to make any modifications to BeanProxy content without my consent.
  4. I am providing BeanProxy with no claim of functionality. I am not responsible for any beneficial or detrimental effect BeanProxy may cause.
  5. You cannot remove this disclaimer from either the source code or the resulting binary of BeanProxy.


It is not required, though it would be appreciated, that any modifications made to BeanProxy were given to me for review. You may find reason to reduce, increase, improve, or regress the functionality provided in BeanProxy and I would like to consider your contributions and may apply them to the original source code for future users. My work with BeanProxy is active and ongoing.

If you find bugs or problems with it, feel free to contact me via email,, and I will be glad to help you resolve the problem.

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